Drain Cleaning Service

Drain Cleaning Service

We at Super Service Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning understand the frustration with clogged drains and are here when you need help.  Whether it is a problem in the kitchen, restroom, basement, or any other location that has a drain in your home or business, we can easily clear it with expertise.  Our knowledgeable staff of trained technicians have seen all kinds of drain issues and handled them with professionalism. Our technicians have the tools and techniques to solve any problem you may have with slow-moving or clogged drains.  When our team arrives to solve your drain problem you will recognize us immediately because of our clean, uniformed appearance and smiling faces, ready to tackle your drain issues. Our customer service team is ready to take your call 24/7 for any drain clearing emergency that arises.  We are licensed and insured so you need not worry about the quality of work we provide.

Kitchen Drain Cleaning

Kitchen drains are notorious for becoming clogged.  With or without a garbage disposal, it is quite common that food debris is the main culprit.  Another perpetrator is grease from cooked foods. The combination of food debris and grease in the kitchen sink, over time, can cause your dish water to drain slowly or not at all.  When you suspect your kitchen drain and pipes are becoming clogged and your sink is draining slow, call Super Service Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning. We have the tools and experience to clear the drain simply and get your kitchen sink flowing again in no time.  Even if it is a tough clog, we can perform a video inspection to visibly see the problem then employee our hydro-jetting technique that will clear the drain with ease.

Restroom Drain Cleaning

Another common area for drain trouble is the restroom.  Hair and soap are the most common drain clogging offenders in sinks, showers, and bathtubs.  Over time, soap coats the drainpipes and narrows the waters exit. Add hair to the equation and you have the formula for a clogged drain for certain.  Keeping your drains hair free should be part of a cleaning routine but often times it is hard to see or access. Another fixture that can clog easily is the toilet.  Paper or foreign objects are usually the blame in this case. Let us handle your slow-moving or clogged drains when you need a professional. We understand that clogs can arise unexpectedly and we are here to assist.

Basement Drain Cleaning

Basement sinks and floor drains take a lot of abuse.  If your basement sink serves a utility purpose it can see its fair share of dirt and grime.  With extended use, these elements bind together and cause a special kind of clog of their own.  Heavy dirt, oils, and even grass clippings can make their way into your utility sink causing a blockage that may require professional help.  Basement floor drains can experience the same issues. For the toughest of clogs, we recommend video inspection to view the problem and hydro-jetting to clear the problem for a thorough drain cleaning solution.

When you need drain cleaning at your home or business, contact us at Super Service Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning.  We have been cleaning drains all over New Jersey for years and we would like the opportunity to help with all of your drain cleaning needs too!

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